I bought a new bike. A test ride at Pine Log State Forest

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Trail Reports, Updates

I bought a new bike…

A local forum member was telling me about an excellent set of local trails that I had been driving by for years, but never bothered to explore. So with previously mentioned new bike, I set off to investigate his claims.

I arrived in my trusty bicycle hauler…

As I was getting ready to pull the bike from the truck, I discovered that I had failed to bring my camelpack that I had loaded with ice earlier that morning.

I had nothing to drink, and I tend to get thirsty. So a trip to the corner store was in order.

Now, properly equipped, I could return to the trail head and remove my bike, to prepare for my ride…

I checked with the map kiosk, and picked my route. The blue trail, a little over five miles. That should be a good start.

The trail takes you through the four main natural communities of the forest, which include sandhills, flatwoods, cypress ponds and titi swamps.

At one point the camera, while mounted slipped free, and flipped upside down. On it’s way, it did manage to capture a shot of me…

With the ride completed, I decided to check out the area around the trail head parking.

I took a “beauty shot” of the bike, after the ride…

I made my return to the parking area, by way of the trail head kiosk…

I finished the trip with a side route through Panama City, and stopped for a bite to eat…

A little “nature geek” info on the property…

Pine Log State Forest Unit Management Plan

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