Mud, Mud, and More Mud

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Trail Reports, Updates

I know, it’s bad for my drive train.

But it’s so much FUN!

I made my way out to look for another way to the trails I found the other day, it didn’t start off well…

I took a moment to stop and smell the flowers…

But then, there was something else that didn’t smell as well…

Then on to more open and clear trails…

This guy seemed to like all the downed trees though…

Then things began to improve. I found this nice trail through a cypress strand. Although, I might have accidentally been trespassing on private property.

It took a while, a few places where I had to push through sand, and didn’t feel like photographing my shame, but then I found some mud!

Where there’s mud around here, there’s pitcher plants…

Found some “easier to navigate” roads.

A little off the trail scenery.

Back to the trails…

With thick mud.

There were some spots without as much mud…

I wasn’t the only one playing in the mud…

Back to the mud!

I made it back “home” with only a few splatterings above my knees..

It was another great ride. I am really enjoying this bike, even if I’m abusing it a little… 😀


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